The last post of 2009 is about the brand that appeared at the São Paulo malls this month, Loungerie.


I followed part of the development of this brand, which included, the visual identity and an intense process of naming. Coordinated brilliantly by my friends Danilo Cid and Fernanda Salgado, from Ana Couto Branding & Design, the challenge was to design a lingerie brand for a comfortable and sexy product at the same time – for example, the company said that while other brands offer 6 sizes, Loungerie offers 14. In addition, the stores have a different concept, where women have access to all models and varieties of products of the store, browsing the vendor only if necessary.


On the dot. The brand translates all this daring without being vulgar. A mixture of words lounge (leisure, rest) and lingerie, the name clearly reflects the business premise. With a name so close to the people, the brand use geometric forms to make an interesting counterpoint. The symbol (braids that closes certain types of underwear) is easily identifiable to people, creating interesting visual patterns that are used in look & feel. Talking about the brand vocabulary, the choice of support colors is very suggestive to the brand universe.

The shopping experience is also amazing. The stores uses all this wealth of meanings and possibilities that the brand gives to create a pleasant and inviting space.

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